Blackberry Development Services

Our Blackberry development services are provided to organizations looking to reach a business-savvy audience. Our team of developers are able to design and develop comprehensive applications utilizing your own internal infrastructure or proprietary solutions through a mobile interface. For more information on our services, read below or contact us to receive a custom quote for your Blackberry Development project.

Services Overview

Blackberry Development Services

Blackberry Development – Why?

The Blackberry platform has been the premier platform for many businesses with applications created specifically for the use of a single organization or distribution for access to online services from a mobile platform. Many of the largest enterprises use blackberry platforms exclusively for the business features offered unique to the blackberry lineup. Blackberry development can reach a professional audience of users interested in using services that assist them in doing their business.

Our Process

Concept Design

Our development team will create a concept of your application prior to development work in order to create a visualization of your application. We provide our concept design to give you the opportunity to look over the design and request revisions before the development process begins, cutting development time down from changes required due to miscommunication.


We develop your application utilizing a variety of toolkits and frameworks to develop a robust application with the features required for your utilization. Our professionals create the application with usability in mind.

Bug Testing

Before delivering the application, we will perform extensive bug testing phases to ensure the application is bug free and common issues are caught before the release of your application. Several phases of bug testing are utilized prior to the release of your application as a part of our efficient testing strategy.


Your application is released through methods decided upon prior to the start of the project. We will deliver the application directly to your company or through other means depending on the type of distribution your company is interested in.

Further Revisions

Our team can make further revisions to your code after the release date to incorporate changes to your online services or revisions that fix security or other concerns that may be identified after the release of your application.


Since your application is customized for your organization, we can create comprehensive applications that meet your specific needs. Whether you’re interested in releasing the application to a wide audience to compliment your services or for internal use or access to internal services and solutions, we can create an application that provides your users with great benefit.

To receive a custom consultation or to learn more about our Blackberry and other mobile application development services, give us a call or fill out our contact form.

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