A business cannot step into the digital world without a digital marketing strategy. After all, the notion behind resurfacing your business online is to bring more potential sales. And in order to bring more sales and attract new customers, having an SEO strategy in place is of utmost importance.

Believe it or not, but as per the stats published by BrightEdge, SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media could. Even Databox stated that 70% of marketers see SEO as a more effective strategy than PPC.

Well, you must have got the idea of how important SEO is for any business. But still, there are many firms that haven’t implemented SEO yet. Trust us; if a business owner solely relies on his website to bring in the business, then optimizing the website is very crucial. This means people will turn to SEO agencies.

How to start a successful SEO agency?

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We know that SEO is the talk of the town these days. And since the technology industry is expanding exponentially, almost every person with digital expertise has the idea of launching a digital agency.

But again, just launching a digital agency isn’t enough; you will need to create a competitive team or outsource SEO services with SEO reseller agencies that can comprehend your vision and adapt it to deliver excellence to your clients.

Who are SEO resellers?

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SEO reseller is nothing but a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO and offers a wide selection of SEO services with some flexibility. The best thing about hiring SEO resellers is that they will work in the background, deliver the results while you take all the credits for the work.

This means, by hiring SEO resellers, you do not have to worry about lacking in-house expertise.
Plus, the SEO reseller you hire may have an incredible network, meaning good relationship with publishers, writers and even editors, allowing you to obtain high-quality backlinks effortlessly. In fact, some SEO resellers are so trustworthy that they go out of their way to white label their dashboard. This way, you get the chance of showing your clients how the campaigns are functioning and performing.

You may not realize it, but the margins of reselling SEO services can be pretty high. It is common for services to obtain 500 to 1000% markups while delivering the final product to the client.

How can working with SEO resellers benefit your business?

There are a few lucrative benefits that come from choosing a powerful SEO reseller program, such as:

1- Build a strong relationship with your existing clients:

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The obvious yet incredible benefit of reselling SEO service is that it offers you the chance of supporting your existing clients without increasing your workload.

In fact, many SEO reseller programs do not require a lot of work on the reseller’s end. Most of the times, the work can be as little as offering some details to gain the white hat platform setup. But that doesn’t mean you should not seek help for building a potent report with the SEO agency you are deciding to work with.

With the SEO services, you show that you are actively locating and working on problems, offering helpful and relevant solutions for the issues that your customers are most likely facing. Your little investment here can result in relationship development and expansion of service offerings, thus solidifying your customers’ brand loyalty.

2- SEO reseller programs can help you earn extra revenue:

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The simple truth is that if you cannot offer relevant and reliable services, then your customer will go somewhere else to receive the same. So, no matter if you have the services or not, if your customer wants the services, then he wants it; if not from you, then from someone else.

Nowadays, customers use various devices to find things they need. So, any business that has a website must be visible to potential customers. If your services aren’t capable of doing so, then what is the use?

The notion here is to offer what you weren’t able to before.

A little research on SEO reseller services will help you come across a strong program that will assist you in producing additional revenues that you were missing before. Now the customers want everything in one place, which for obvious reasons, isn’t a lot to ask for. After all, who would like to look after ten different agents to meet their SEO service needs when they can obtain all the services from one?

So, work with SEO resellers and offer your clients a package of services in one convenient package that your client will love and result in an increased revenue base.

3- Provides the extra option to your cash-strapped customers:

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Well, you might be smart enough to offer an extensive marketing program. You must have produced a package with social media management, web design, content marketing, SEO and name a few.
But, we all know that SEO can cost a lot.

Even though the extra price can be good news for your revenue, but what about the organizations that simply cannot afford the rates? They might want to invest in your top-tier solution but may not be able to budget it. And to build satisfactory results, you will definitely not offer anything of cheaper value to your clients.

That is where offering the clients with a substitute of full-fledged SEO India solution comes in. You can easily come across SEO resellers who have focused programs that offer affordable SEO services.

By offering such services, you can gain extra income from customers that may have turned down your services previously because of the high price point.

How to find the best SEO partner program?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best SEO partner program. But, we are narrowing down our list to a few key points that are more than enough for you to understand if the SEO partner program is a good match for you or not.

1- Contracts and fine prints:

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First thing that you must check is, of course, the complicated and length contracts.

Even though contracts are standard practice, it is best not to get trapped into a perplexing system that you don’t understand.

Don’t be that guy who simply signs the contract by blindly trusting the service provider. Instead, add a few minutes and do your due diligence of going through any fine print that you may require signing for the program you want.

2- Go for SEO partners that use white hat practices:

This is the most important factor to consider when choosing the SEO partner program. Go for ones that use white hat SEO techniques.

White hat SEO is a cluster of techniques that works in alignment with Google’s search engine and helps you in improving your website ranking. These techniques abide by Google’s code of conduct, thus, assisting your client’s site in ranking naturally.

Some of the white hat techniques are:

  • Producing content for driving relevant traffic to the page
  • Improving the load time of the site for faster information delivery
  • Adapting to the mobile devices
  • Keyword integration for relevant search engine results
  • Keeping the site easy-to-navigate to increase lead engagement

Stay away from SEO partners that make too good to be true promises.

When you cross-sell customers the additional services and products, the trust element is huge. In fact, the way a service is offered represents your brand’s image.

And trust us; not every SEO reseller program has a white hat technique. If you think something isn’t quite right, then check early with your target platform.

3- Payout/fee structure:

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Well, this must be the first thing that you will look for while checking the SEO reseller programs.

But while doing so, make sure to consider an important thing that is how you are going to get paid. Alongside also consider other important aspects like:

  • How often will you get paid?
  • Will you be able to include the markup?
  • How will be the payments made?
  • Do they offer incentives or bonuses to high-volume partners?

The more flexibility is there; the more is the room for growth. So, don’t be shy of asking these issues out when you know about the program.

Top real-life SEO success stories:

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Creating an SEO strategy isn’t an easy task. It can be quite challenging to produce a strategy that not only drives organic traffic to your site but also helps you in meeting the overall goal of your business.

But, thankfully, you can outsource SEO services and employ professionals to undertake the task of producing a customized SEO strategy and implementing the same to your site.

Let’s take a look at some inspiring stories of SEO success.

1- Ironpaper: Ironpaper is a leading digital marketing company that works with B2B businesses. Ironpaper collaborated with Goddard, one of their clients, to reach significant success by implementing proper SEO tools.

Ironpaper found that Goddard suffered a lot to generate quality leads. So, they started implementing critical seo updates with proper tools on Goddard’s site.

The main focus was done on internal link building, strategizing content with business-relevant keywords, along with technical SEO issues such as meta tags and broken links.

In a period of over eight months, Goddard was able to gain 2,361 Google positions on various keywords suitable to their offerings.

Besides, the company has also managed to now rank in the top 100 to 50 strategically targeted terms as well as use dashboard and insight reports to evaluate the progress and ensure that their marketing efforts are paid off.

2- Revenue River: Revenue River is a digital sales and marketing agency that aids organizations in scaling their business and becoming competitive in their industry. One of their clients, Kofinas Fertility Group, had a significant drop in lead generation due to COVID-19. The site had a high decline from mid-February till throughout May.

The business conducted competitive analysis and keyword research to determine the growth or opportunity. They then decided that the best method was to produce a supporting content cluster along with pillar content. This helped them in establishing their domain as an authority source in their industry.

After implementing this strategy in the November of 2020, the website has significantly increased its organic traffic. From March to June 2020, they were able to see 86k impressions. By the time January and March 2021 arrived, the impression reached 1.1 M.

3- Beacon Digital Marketing: Beacon Digital Marketing works with driving results for B2B, SaaS, and FinTech.

Being the top SEO services providers, they knew how to use and implement the SEO tools to drive success and growth. Even though they help other businesses, they undertook an internal insight in August 2020 and decided to employ an SEO overhaul of posts on their blogs. They thought that these blogs could perform better as they always used to.

They then proceeded to make a few changes to the important areas like updating metadata, optimizing snippet feature, re-targeting the existing keywords and so on. Using the mapping tool, they were able to produce a strategic pillar-cluster plan along with on-page SEO recommendations. Once their new strategy was implemented, they noticed an almost instant difference of 50% increase in the views of the page.

In July 2020, the organic result showed 991 traffic views, and in August, it was 1,552.
With the help of optimization, they were able to attract more traffic to their existing blog post, plus they also witnessed an increase in the organic traffic of additional web pages of their website.

So, there you go. These are some classic examples of how a well-rounded SEO strategy can impact every area of your business.

Wrapping up

Well, it is evident from the blog that adding SEO to your existing service offerings will only boost your ROIs and help you expand your service area effortlessly.

Besides, finding the right SEO reseller program isn’t rocket science. All you need is some knowledge on what to look for, which we have already listed above.

So, use our blog to your benefit and give your business the lucrative start it deserves with the outsource SEO services.