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What is a website audit?

A website audit is an analysis of the current state of a website and the overall health based on observations made of the website. The goal is to identify common problems that could cause undesired health and optimization problems and provide advice on improvements. Our website audit service takes an in-depth view of various aspects of a website to determine the overall status and health of the website.

How does it help my website?

This type of service provides the benefit of advice from an organization that has studied and understands the types of issues that can hold back a website. In many cases, even the smallest issues can cause search issues in major search engines. Common problems can plague a website for its users and cause people to leave.

What can SEO.IN do for me?

We are a full service website audit provider that specializes in a complete approach to uncovering some of the most common and uncommon issues that could devalue a website. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your website. Our process includes dedicating a team of professional to the task of checking each aspect of your website and identifying the key issues.

They collaborate their ideas and compile comprehensive reports that provide meaningful advice on the improvements that could be made. We also give a list of the next steps that could be taken to improve the website in various aspects.

Website Audit Features

Our Checklist

Our website audit process includes an analysis of main pages on the website, key sections of the website that are heaviest in use, and design and development aspects that could be improved. An analysis of the HTML/CSS code for validation and load times is provided with advice on how to improve the code. Common issues including 301 redirect issues and broken links are identified to be fixed for usability and to prevent or cure penalization from major search engines.

Scans for spam and malware are conducted to ensure that safety of visitors to your website while image optimization and the overall internal linking structure are analyzed to provide meaningful advice on how to improve navigation around the website. We also review the key text and the content on your home page for ways to improve your message being delivered to potential clients and the overall status of your information architecture.

Our Reports

We generate reports that provide useful advice and warnings about the state of your website. Our reports include a complete website audit report with all of the steps that we took and issues that we ran into, keyword research to assist with content generation projects, a report on backlinks found coming to your website, a competitive intelligence analysis, and a recommended website strategy to take for the future.