Small Business Multilingual SEO Plans

Different regions use different versions of search engines for relevant results catering to each region or language. Multilingual search engine optimization professionals work to ensure that your website is optimized for each of the regions and languages that your company provides or is based in. Connect with a multilingual SEO expert today to optimize your website for your languages.

Multilingual SEO The Basic Package!

Our basic SEO package includes the bare essentials for your search engine optimization campaign to help improve your search engine rankings and drive more relevant traffic to your website. The basic plan is good for smaller websites with 10 to 30 unique pages for smaller businesses looking to expand into the online marketing world. A minimum six month commitment is required in order to ensure the success of your SEO campaign.

Key Benefits

  • Optimize For 20 Keywords
  • On Page and Off Page Optimization
  • Directory and Social Bookmark Submissions
800/Month 0 Setup

Multilingual SEO The Deluxe Package!

Our deluxe SEO package includes a more comprehensive set of keywords for your search engine optimization and is ideal for a website of approximately 40 to 150 pages of content. Extra services introduced include page size and loading time optimization and browser compatibility testing to ensure indexing and lead conversion. A minimum six month commitment is required in order to ensure the success of your SEO campaign.

Key Benefits

  • Optimize for 50 Keywords
  • Page Optimization
  • Expanded Link Building Campaign
1450/Month 0 Setup

Multilingual SEO The Ultimate Package!

Our ultimate SEO package contains a comprehensive set of features allowing your company’s website to become highly optimized for search engines. Ideal for larger websites, the ultimate package contains usability testing and dynamic URL rewriting for more comprehensive and complex websites and various analysis and reports not available in other packages. A minimum six month commitment is required in order to ensure the success of your SEO campaign.

Key Benefits

  • Optimize for 100 Keywords
  • Usability Testing and Dynamic URL Rewriting
  • Comprehensive Off Page Optimization
2000/Month Setup
Size of Website - We assist with a website featuring a set number of pages based on the type of package chosen. Our custom solutions can handle larger and more comprehensive websites.
10 to 30
In-Depth Website Review - Our in-depth website review delves into each page, assessing various criteria and key points determining the success of your online marketing initiatives.
Competitor Landscape Review - We perform reviews of competitors in your industry who utilize various online marketing strategies and services to better understand the dynamics currently in use.
Initial Rankings Report - We generate a report prior to any service being carried out to understand your current online marketing performance and to ensure a clear picture of growth over time during your online marketing campaign.
Detailed SEO Strategy - Our online marketing team will create a comprehensive plan based on the service package you have selected and the important aspects that have been identified based on the in-depth website review, competitor landscape review and various other points of research.
Keyword Research - Our team will provide keyword research to assist with understanding the best choice of relevant and effective keywords for your online marketing initiatives.
Number of Keywords to Implement - We implement a number of keywords into your online marketing strategy based on the service package selected.
Site Directory Structure and Navigation - We analyze the current structure of your website and the navigation structure utilized in your website design for link depth and ability to reach important and relevant information quickly and efficiently.
Title/Meta Tag Optimization - We utilize the best title tag practices to ensure keyword relevance while modifying meta description and keyword tags for best online marketing practices.
XML Sitemap Setup & robots.txt Validation - We create an XML-format sitemap for ease of indexing by major search engines and a robots.txt file to ensure the right pages are indexed over pages that should not.
Google Analytics Setup - Our team will assist in the setup and activation process of creating a Google Analytics account. This information is used to create traffic source assessments and to provide other various traffic details about your website.
Broken Links & 404 Error Page Setup - Having broken links and a lack of acceptable error pages can harm your online marketing endeavors. Our team will create and properly configure the right error pages and identify and fix broken links on or referring to your website.
XML RSS Feeds - We create RSS feeds for dynamic content on your website to ensure that readership will be able to view content efficiently and effectively.
XHTML/W3C Validation - Your website is checked for proper validation of XHTML, CSS, and other W3C validation tools to ensure stability and usability across a large portion of modern web browsers.
Page Size and Load Times - Your website is examined and optimized to ensure fast loading through XHTML, CSS, and image optimization.
Browser Compatibility Testing - Your website is tested for compatibility with various popular web browsers including recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Google’s Chrome browser, Opera, and Apple’s Safari browser.
Usability Testing - Various testing methods are utilized to benchmark your website’s usability while identifying aspects that may limit or hinder a user’s navigation and use of your website.
Dynamic URL Rewriting - Our team will configure your web server to active rewrite URLs based on identified needs for rewriting to further improve your search marketing performance. Long URLs with extensive identifiers are written to enhance search engine indexing.
SEO Friendly Content Optimization - We will rewrite your content to provide more SEO value to your content, integrating common keywords to add keyword density to your content while still establishing your message.
Duplicate Content Fixing - We check for content duplication and assist with changing content dynamically, preventing content duplication penalties in major search engines.
Image Alt Tags / Image Optimization - Improve the visibility of your website to search engines and image engines by providing alternative tags for your images and optimizing images for fast loading.
Internal Link Structure & Organization - We ensure the structure of your website is improved, allowing search engines to effectively index important pages in lower URLs with lesser pages having higher URLs. This can improve your indexing by allowing major search engines to decide which pages are most important based on how the URLs are related.
H1/H2 Tags - Important content is included in H1/H2 tags to identify the heading of each page. H1 tags are given priority by major search engines with H2 tags serving secondary information pertaining to the H1 content.
Meta Keywords - Meta keyword tags are created based on the keyword research, content, and page purpose to improve the SEO quality of each page. Search engines view this information to better understand what the page is about.
Keyword Density - The keyword density of the provided content is analyzed to ensure that a specific density has been achieved. Keyword density ensures that your content contains important keywords to improve rankings for certain targeted keywords.
Google Webmaster Tools - We integrate Google’s Webmaster Tools into your web site to take advantage of the diagnostics, statistics, and other various features offered by the platform.
Bing Webmaster Tools - Bing’s Webmaster Tools is integrated into your website go gauge the index performance of your website according to Bing’s spidering and information.
Major Directory Submissions - Your website will be submitted to different online directories that maintain large traffic on the internet. New directories are submitted to on a monthly basis, allowing for expanded growth over time.
Social Bookmark Submissions - Your website is submitted to various social bookmarking websites that allow for users to comment on, vote on, or otherwise submit information about websites they find on the internet.
Major Search Engine Submissions - We will submit your website to major search engines in your region. This generally includes, but is not limited to, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
RSS Feeds - We will integrate RSS feeds from relevant websites and news sources into your website for dynamic content being posted as a part of your website’s news section. This is done to ensure that you have new content coming in regularly while ensuring that your website follows ethical guidelines in displaying the source.
Link Building - Our search engine optimization offering includes a limited link building campaign to improve the quality of incoming links for your website. Number of links is based on the package you have chosen. You can also choose to supplement your SEO with a Link Building package.
Article Creation & Submissions - Our writing team can create an article based on an important topic to your website and submit it to various relevant websites.
Press Release Creation & Submissions - We will write and release press releases on the behalf of your company with information relevant to your audience. We can create creative releases detailing sales, new clients, new services, or other topics designated by your marketing team. Press releases are released to numerous PR channels for the benefit of maximum visibility.
Landing Page Optimization - We ensure that your visitors are arriving at a strong landing page with conversion optimization in mind.
Google Local Listing - Your website and business is included in Google Local listings with the physical address of your company highlighted to let others in the area find you. Clients will be able to look for companies providing similar services in the web browser and find your company in the results.
Reviews, Forums & Blog Postings - Our team of writers will create reviews for your website, company, and services and post on relevant blogs and forums.
Yahoo Answers & Wiki Entries - Your website can be included in Yahoo Answers for individuals looking for certain types of products or services as well as having wiki entries in various online wiki-based encyclopedias. This will generate relevant incoming links to your website.
Search Engine Ranking Report - A monthly report is generated reviewing how your website’s performance has increased/decreased for specific keywords based on the work being done on a monthly basis for your SEO efforts. Indicates current and past performance.
Link Building Report - A brief report is generated based on the link building efforts created to supplement your search engine optimization service.
Directory Submission Report - Outline of the various online directories your website has been submitted to and where.
Article & PR Submission Report - Outline of the articles and press releases written on behalf of your company and which channels they have been submitted to.
Google Analytics (Traffic Report) - Visual view of the traffic generated on your website as tracked by Google Analytics.
Deliverables & ROI Summary Report - A general summary to display the progress on a monthly basis of the services that have been rendered and any outstanding or awaited services as well as your return on investment in relevant traffic.
800/Month 0 Setup