Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have questions about our online marketing services or why they are important to you. We have prepared these frequently asked questions based on our conversations with past customers in order to better help you understand what we do. If these FAQs do not answer your questions, you can always speak to a human being through our support and consultation services.


  • Who is is an online marketing agency that provides a comprehensive set of solutions for online businesses of all shapes and sizes. We offer internet marketing, web design, and web development for both online and mobile development. Our services are result-oriented with focuses on lead conversion and cost-per-acquisition minimization.

  • Why use

    We understand the complications that companies face when outsourcing their work and strive to provide our comprehensive solutions to long-term clients interested in increasing their lead conversion. We are result-oriented and pride ourselves in assisting small businesses, enterprises, and even other online marketing agencies turn their websites around. Our solutions are provided by trained certified professionals and managed by a team local to your region to ensure ease of communication before and after the start of your services.

  • Is my company the right fit?

    Our solutions have been created with all of our markets in mind. We assist small businesses in their online marketing initiatives with package deals and custom solutions to provide them with a variety of affordable solutions. The services we offer to our Enterprise customers offer a more aggressive approach to online marketing since most of our enterprise clientele are in highly competitive industries. We also assist other marketing agencies with our white label services to provide them the opportunity to offer our online marketing services to their clients. We can certainly provide our free consultation to help you better understand which services, packages, and integrated solutions will be most effective for your company.

Services & Pricing

  • What is Online Marketing?

    Online marketing refers to a wide variety of services and techniques that share a common goal in increasing your lead conversions through your online presence. Each service follows a different strategy to improve the quality of traffic you’re receiving, the probability of a visitors being converted into a customer, and the ability for your website to market itself through search engines and paid results.

  • How does it work?

    Many services will follow a specific strategy to build incoming links, optimize your website for indexing, and improve your reputation online by improving the results of your assets in search engines while passing up results that could be potentially harmful to your clients. Online marketing professionals trained and certified create comprehensive plans specific to your company with the intention to help your website create more conversions for your business. We take an integrated approach to online marketing, allowing us to utilize different services to provide a more effective result for our clients. By providing our search engine optimization and link building services together, for example, our clients receive the benefit of both their website being optimized for crawlers and a large number of relevant and authoritative websites linking to their website for a greater benefit than either could provide alone.

  • Do I need it?

    Most companies that do not engage in online marketing are unsure of whether they actually need the service or not. While receiving one or two customers per month may be great for a while, it becomes more and more important to improve your conversions in order to grow. Online marketing is the most efficient way to drive new relevant customers to your website which in turn makes it the most efficient way to grow your company online. The Internet is becoming more and more relevant to businesses of all shapes and sizes with many consumers preferring to shop on the internet. We believe any business can utilize online marketing to achieve their maximum potential.

  • What does it cost?

    We offer a large number of packages for many of the services we offer to small business clients. These packages offer an outline of the services we offer and how much work is going to be put into each project, giving solid numbers for customers on a tight budget. We also offer custom solutions for our small businesses and enterprise clients who are looking for a more aggressive approach to their online marketing. We prefer to first identify each client’s key needs and potential solutions before providing an offer for our services, taking into account the budgets and initiatives of each client in our consultation. To learn more about how we can help your company increase conversions, give us a call or fill out our contact us form.

Small Business Solutions

  • What solutions do you provide small businesses?

    We provide both service packages with set guidelines and custom solutions which allow our small business customers to obtain the value of our integrated approach to online marketing. We offer various online marketing services including search engine optimization and pay per click management along with our web design and development services and mobile application development services. Our goal with each custom solution is to integrate multiple services into a comprehensive solution to solve the needs and requirements of each client.

  • Is there a minimum commitment?

    Our online marketing solutions require a six month commitment in order to display the value of the services we provide. Each service generally requires time to display results. We generally notice results starting within three to four weeks from the start of services, but true results are achieved over continued dedication to your online marketing services. We offer a free consultation to all small businesses that are interested in seeing results for their online marketing services.

  • What is provided in my free consultation?

    We take time to better understand your company, the products and services you provide, and past online marketing and traditional marketing campaigns that your company has engaged in. By getting to know the company and the decision makers, while performing a comprehensive look at the industry you’re competing in, we can create a comprehensive plan for your online marketing. At the conclusion of our consultation, we will provide our recommendation for services and a custom plan to fit your online marketing needs.

Enterprise Solutions

  • Why should I outsource to

    We understand the trials and issues you face when outsourcing your Online Marketing, web design and development services to a provider. Our clients have told us stories of not being able to reach the support of their vendor during their own business hours, forcing them to wake up in the middle of the night to talk with their support. Other clients have indicated problems with deadlines and results being delivered based on expectations.

    Our services are geared towards overcoming the difficulties that are associated with outsourcing through well constructed support procedures and localities in the regions we serve; your support team is able to communicate effectively with you during your own business hours. We are dedicated to providing results to our clients with reports that not only provide the numerical data for each project but also provide analysis of what the numbers really mean.

    To learn more about how we overcome the challenges of online marketing, give us a call or fill out our contact us form and we will get in contact with you.

  • What is your typical process in engaging Enterprise companies?

    We start with our free consultation service, allowing both sides to better understand the dynamics of your online marketing project. Our team will identify key needs for your online marketing based on current initiatives and the marketing budget available to your team. We will provide each client with expectations and will work hard to achieve them. Our goal is to make your project work for you.

    Our next step is to identify the proper experts for each part of your project and connect each member of the team together for ease of access and communication. Our certified professionals will begin on each service, providing status updates on each step, allowing our support team to effectively communicate with our enterprise clients. Reports are generated at pre-determined intervals to ensure your organization is kept in the loop and involved.

    During the duration of services being carried out, our team will analyze the results being achieved, the effectiveness of specific parts of each project, and will work actively to make sure our services are working for you. Our team is open to guidance and ready to listen to the concerns of our clients in order to optimize your campaign for you.

  • What is my commitment?

    For many of our online marketing services, we want to ensure that our clients have at least a six month commitment to their projects. Online marketing is a process that displays results over time, therefore time is necessary for each campaign. With traditional services including web design and development, the commitment is to the project duration itself and nothing more.

    Results in online marketing can be achieved in three the four weeks while major results are achieved over months. We will work to maximize lead conversion and minimize cost per acquisition in order to increase the value of your online marketing. Our goal is to help you monetize your online presence to obtain more relevant traffic, more customers, and a higher value of customers.

  • How much will it cost?

    Our online marketing projects are provided with custom pricing based on your marketing budget. We can create a custom solution for your organization that fits both your needs and your available budget, allowing you to determine how aggressive your marketing efforts are.

  • What are the guarantees?

    For our online marketing services, we cannot set and specific guarantees on how much value you will obtain from each service. The most important factor in online marketing is that you get what you pay for. We do however work to create the most efficient and effective use of your online marketing budget in order to ensure you’re receiving valuable results from your initiatives. We want to help our customers grow. In order to do that, we understand that your online marketing needs to work.

    Our design and development services are offered with guarantees through numerous revisions, allow the designs to be created in a way that your company is comfortable with utilizing. The applications we develop for you are robust and will work the way you want them to. We can provide support to fix mistakes that are found in the application development process and upon release of the application.


  • What are our capabilities?

    We offer a variety of services in online marketing, web design, and web development to our customers. We also offer these services in a white label variety in order to assist marketing companies to offer our services to their customers. Whether you’re a traditional marketing company looking to provide your customers with online options as well or you’re an online marketing agency looking to handle more work, our certified professionals can assist you.

    Our team is able to assist you directly through a strong support network. The individual handling your support is located in your region, allowing for them to communicate on your time. We understand that communication is a part of a successful online marketing campaign, therefore we provide significant value in our support and infrastructure.

  • What are your standards for customer service?

    We provide priority customer service for the projects we complete on behalf of our affiliated agencies. We understand that customer service is important to the process of online marketing and therefore will provide reports and support quickly and efficiently to your company for your own utilization.

  • How accessible is

    We are located in five different countries including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and India. We are also active in conference events and workshops in these countries and are able to meet up at these events if our clients are interested. We attempt to make ourselves as accessible as possible to our clients and partner agencies.